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Hi, my name is Lisa Video from my webcam here http://cutt.us/j21xxx


how are you doing, i wish to know you. i hope you don’t mind telling me about yourself? my name is Douglas Fraser, i am a member of Joint Special Operation Command force, (JSOC) in Germany and i am single because my wife left me alone and married another man due to my busy schedule at work, i b


Hello Bea,My name is Erik Begstrom. I am a football scout. I am new to cross.tv. i do love your profile picture and i love to have you as a friend. i hope you do not mind ? Thanks


Hi Beate... Nice smile


Calvary greetings to you in the most might and matchless name of the Lord to whom be all glory and through whom all spiritual blessings and anointings flow. I joined this wonderful site yesterday and came across yours now. I am a widower and would like to know more about you. Remain blessed. Graha


My name is Henry Maxwell. I am 57 years of age and a widower with a daughter and grand daughter. I am a Technician by profession.I am from Aurora, Colorado.I am loving, caring, sincere, cheerful, romantic and very understanding. ...hm axwell77 at yahoo dot com

Metal Warrior

Nice to see You here on Cross.tv.

Bea45 each day without to smile is a lost day

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