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Enterworld Network|New Zealand

The Holy Spirit said expressly "Behold I do a NEW THING". This is a NEW DAY. The Network's Entire Catalog is being translated into 85 different Languages, and will soon be released onto the Airways of both RADIO, & TELEVISION. It's getting exciting.

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Dec 11, 2018


The Holy Spirit began to talk to me about .. PIN CODE. You can have a wallet full of ATM CARDS loaded to capacity but W/O the PIN CODE all you have is a PIECE OF PLASTIC that represents some thing that you can NEVER access.  1 Cor. 13 .. beginning |और
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Sep 22, 2017


Saints of The Most High;   RE; Mercy & Grace   I get people asking me about this subject almost as much as I do the OFFICE & MANTLE OF THE PROPHET ..   Most every preacher I know .. globally always preach this |और
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Sep 22, 2017


Saints of The Most High;   RE;  UNFORGIVENESS   Forgiveness is one of the most difficult things the Body of Christ  even Ministry leaders, deals with. Many times when someone is offended .. and appologies are made which include |और
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Aug 24, 2017

Obedience To the Holy Spirit

Saints Of the Most High; We are known as   1.  The Body Of Christ 2.  The Family of God 3.  The Bride of Christ 4.  The Elect 5.  The Armies of The Living God 6.  Warriors of the Kingdom 7.  The Children of |और
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