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Apr 08, 2020

Various Types of Loose Rhinestones Online

Rhinestones with or without setting are one of the most versatile products that can be used in wide range of embellishments. We have many interesting styles in sew on rhinestone and in this blog we will explain them in details. So, that you can |और
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Apr 01, 2020

Various Types of Craft Materials Online

In this blog, we will explain you some supplies that can be used as craft materials for your DIY projects of Embellishments, Embroidery, Craft & Jewelry making. You can check www.embroiderymaterial.com, which sell Craft materials online at |और
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Mar 31, 2020

Crystal Rhinestone Online at Wholesale Prices

Rhinestones are the easiest way to add beauty to your outfit. These glass stones are available in so many beautiful colors and lovely finishes that you are going to love how they will make your designs feel. Today we are going to talk about |और
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Mar 19, 2020

Where to Buy Embroidery Tools Online

When starting with any embroidery project it is essential to have some tools in hand to make your work easy and effortless. Today, I am going to share with you all the essential embroidery tools that are must-have. You can buy embroidery tools |और
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Mar 05, 2020

Various Types of Appliques and Patches Online

If you are looking for something that can totally transform your designs in no time then you can go for Appliques and Patches. They not only transform your designs but make them much more glamourous. You can find them in so many varieties, sizes and |और
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Feb 25, 2020

Various Types of Embroidery Threads Online for Sale

When it comes to embroidery, embroidery thread have a large importance. They are one of the most basic material that are used for doing embroidery. You can easily use them to make various designs and patterns on any fabric. They come in beautiful |और
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Feb 20, 2020

Various Types of Jewelry Chains Online for Sale

Jewelry chain are perfect when it comes to making any jewelry item. This beautiful jewelry making material are perfect for adding charm to any jewelry design. At embroiderymaterial.com, you can find jewelry chains in many different types at wholesale |और
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Feb 18, 2020

Multi Color Rhinestones Online for Sale

If you are looking for stones that are perfect for making jewelry and doing embroidery then you are at the right place. Today we are going to talk about multipurpose rhinestones that are must-have to your collection. These stones can be used for making |और
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Feb 13, 2020

Multi Color Cylinder Beads Online for Sale

Delica beads, aka cylinder beads are small tube glass beads. They are perfect for doing embroidery, jewelry making and craft projects. There are various brands of Delica Beads you can find but it is necessary to understand the difference between |और
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Feb 11, 2020

Multi Color Pearls Online for Sale

If you want to make your jewelry elegant by adding minimal material then you can go for Pearl beads. They can be used for embroidery and jewelry making. They are available in so many beautiful colors and finishes that I am sure you are going to find the |और
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