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Mechanical Requirements for Enameled Wire

Jul 27, 2018

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In the process of winding the enameled wire into a coil and a ruled wire, the enameled wire and the jig and the enameled wire are rubbed against each other and subjected to stresses such as bending, stretching or compression. Therefore, the paint film of the enameled wire is required to have good wear resistance, scratch resistance and good adhesion on the conductor; in order to facilitate the manufacturing process, the Enameled Wire is required to have good flexibility, elasticity and bending property, so that the coil is not easily deformed after molding.

Modern high-speed automatic winding machines also require a smooth surface of the enameled wire and a small coefficient of friction, while a special-purpose enameled wire requires a large coefficient of friction. When the motor is running, the winding is subjected to shock, vibration, centrifugal force and stress generated during thermal expansion and overload, and the enameled wire is required to have a certain tensile strength.

The enameled wire is mainly used in the electrical equipment to realize the conversion of electromagnetic energy, such as electric energy conversion kinetic energy, kinetic energy conversion electric energy, electric energy conversion into heat energy or electric quantity measurement, etc.; it is indispensable in motors, electrical appliances, electrical instruments, telecommunication devices and household electrical appliances. s material.

Polyester imide enameled wire, heat grade 180 This product has good thermal shock resistance, high softening breakdown temperature, excellent mechanical strength, good solvent resistance and refrigerant resistance, and weak point is easy to hydrolyze under closed conditions. Windings for motors, electrical appliances, instruments, power tools, electric dry-type pressure cookers, etc., which require high heat resistance.

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