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ATS Stats is a sport handicapping stats provider that focusing on providing online football handicapping stats for players who enjoy handicapping against the spread. https://www.atsstats.com

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Sports Betting streaks FAQ

Jan 11, 2019

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How do I place a Sports book bet?

Select the sport you want to bet on and you will see a series of possible bets. By clicking on the odds you can add an event to your bulletin. If you want to make a multiple bet, just click on the odds of other bets.

Select how much you want to bet (your stake) and the type of bet you want to make. At this point the potential payout is calculated and when your bet has been accepted a receipt will appear on the "Pending Bets" tab. All bets you have placed are listed under "Betting streaks history".

To place a bet you must log in with your credentials and have money in your account.


Let's talk about a single bet when you choose the result of an event. You can win the odds multiplied by the amount you bet. You can make a series of single bets using the "Single" tab on the top of the bulletin bulleted.

A multiple bet is a bet that depends on the result of more than one event: you can add up to 12.

If you select eight events, the "Combinations" tab will allow you to place an eight times larger bet. This is a multiple bet and you must have ascertained every single event for a fee. If you win, your stake will be multiplied by the total odds of the eight events.

The “Systems “tab will list all the different multiple bets available in your eight selections. You can bet on them but remember that your stake is multiplied by the number of possible results. So if you wanted to bet "six times as much" (combination of six), your stake would be multiplied by 28: these are the winning combinations of six that are possible between your eight selections.

Let's talk about Trixie when you select three events and place four bets, three doubles and one triple. Let's talk about Yankee when you select four events and place 11 bets, six doubles, four triples and one quadruple.

When you run a system bet you can also select fixed features. These are events of which you are very sure of the result and for this you want to add them in every combination. Only the combinations that contain the fixed function will be placed and this must win because you receive benefits.

When do I receive my Sports book winnings?

Our goal is to pay bets as quickly as possible, although sometimes we have to wait for official confirmation of the result. The money goes directly to your account and is available for other bets.


Why were my Sports book bet canceled?

If a bet is declared void, it will be paid with odds equal to 1.00. This could happen if your bet was accepted at an incorrect price or after the event started.

A multiple bet will be valid even if a part of it is declared void.