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How to use the Parlay Calculator

Feb 18, 2020

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How to use the Parley calculator?

It is used to calculate the prize corresponding to your bet. Enter the value of the achievement of each of your bets. The prize of a bet ticket can be calculated up to a maximum of 10 combinations.

When the team is favorite or "Macho", click on the box that indicates the "-" symbol to place the negative sign on the amount of the achievement.

An example of how the calculator gets the final amount of the bet payment is as follows:
Assuming we are going to bet 100 bs. to two teams with the following achievements:

Giants -125
Parents +130

The Money Line must be converted to decimal, for each device in the parley calculator, the money line is converted to decimal using the following formula:

a) For a negative money line (-125), the amount of the bet (100) is divided by 125 -> 100/125 = 0.8

b) For a positive money line (+130), the amount of the achievement is divided by the amount of the bet (130) by 100 -> 130/100 = 1.3

The formula for the previous bet would look like this:

(Bet amount x Price 1 X Price 2) - Amount wagered = PAYMENT

Example: For the 100 Bs bet with the following parley:


1) 100 X (1 + 100/125) X (1 + 130/100) = PAYMENT
2) 100 X 1.8 X 2.3 = 414

Use this same method for any number of computers