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Vanity Phone Numbers For Small Business

Apr 02, 2020

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Personalized calls for Specific area

Once you select your own toll free number or move your current number to Vanity Phone Numbers, you decide who can call you. Vanity Phone Numbers' customizable call area feature lets you choose where your calls can come from. Spend time on the phone more productively with real and potential customers by blocking certain numbers or areas so they don't contact you. Pay only for calls from your chosen market area. Calls can be blocked according to status, area code, area code, and prefix, or area code, prefix, and number. You can even limit usage to only select clients and agents. You still receive the caller ID on all incoming calls, even those you miss due to being busy or not responding, and you are in control of your account 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with Account Management at Vanity Phone Numbers line.

Custom routing

Control where calls to your numbers are answered with Custom Routing. Send calls to specific locations based on origin: state, area code, area code, and prefix (6 digits) or full number (10 digits). Establish a schedule to route calls by time of day and / or day (s) of the week. Distribute calls between locations or remote sales and service representatives. Automatically routes calls to the location closest to the caller, based on the number you're calling from.


Send your calls to voicemail and receive voicemails in a .wav file in your email. The voice message will be in the voice of the caller who left it.


forward your toll-free number to your fax machine or, better yet, send it to your voice mail/fax system and receive your faxes directly by email. This way you can pick up your messages without going to the fax machine.

Account Tracking
Track the activity on your account easily and quickly. View call detail in real-time - over the last 24 hours, historically, or by specific time frame. Ad campaigns can be tracked in several ways, including: calls per campaign; cost per call; calls per week/day/hour, and more.

Control where your Vanity Phone Numbers number rings at all times. With your Vanity Phone Numbers number, customers and associates will be able to call you free of charge from anywhere in the US and Canada. Your toll-free number can also be answered anywhere in the world.

More Advantages of Your Vanity Phone Numbers  OR Toll Free Number:

  • Toll-free numbers, especially toll free vanity numbers, can increase name recognition and give your business an advantage over your competition.
  • Toll-free numbers convey the impression of a well-established business, improve your "image" and increase the opportunity for higher sales.
  • Toll-free numbers give you a local presence anywhere in the US because there is no charge to your customers for calling you. In fact, if your company is located outside the US, you can have your toll-free number forwarded to a location outside the US at no charge to your customers. This will increase the image of your company and improve the service you give customers.
  • Toll-free numbers convey the image of a caring company. They provide an easy way to contact you and encourage increased business transactions. As an individual or small business owner, a toll-free number can be re-directed to ring to any location you choose. If you move, your family, friends and business associates can still call you at your new location without learning a new number. You can also direct the toll-free number to a cell phone, pager or fax machine.