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get your dollar with our parlay calculator

Apr 05, 2021

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Hello Guys, Stef here!

Today I want to speak with the sports world, gambling world, and anyone who's looking for a bit of general entertainment, about the option of parlay-betting sports.

No, this isn't a scheme or a get rich idea.
No, I'm not a bookie looking for your action.

Yes, I'm a successful sports-investor who has been betting sports for a decade, and who knows the 'ins and outs' and 'all-abouts' of sports-betting

This is actually not an article that is trying to sell the idea of "get rich".
This is actually not an article that is trying to "get your dollar".

This is simply an article that is designed to show people, who enjoy gambling-entertainment, a brand new alternative to something that they're already doing anyway.

This venue, whether you like sports or not, in my opinion, is the only one to go with because it's the only one that makes sense.


Do you like bingo? Well, this will make your "bingo" experience much more enjoyable and rewarding.

Do you like to play the lottery? Well, this technique will not only make it much more enjoyable, but it's almost a guarantee that you'll be walking away with more dollars in your pocket instead of a second mortgage on your home.

Ask yourself, "At the end of the day, what do bingo and lottery have in common?"

You buy a card and hope the numbers hit, right?

Well, there are all kinds of overhead costs that are involved with lottery systems to where the people who use them for entertainment, frankly, are getting ripped off.

1. Think about it, if 10 people pay 10 dollars to play bingo, the prize pool should be 100 dollars. But they have to pay to rent the bingo hall, pay the guy that announces the numbers, etc., and lottery is the exact same thing.

2. How boring is it to watch a number appear? "Look number 4 showed up. Yay. I win." See, when OUR "#4" shows up, he or she scores many many points and we watch them win the game and it's exciting and it's actually a little bit rewarding.

3. There are people who bet sports with a 55% win-loss ratio over 1000 bets; there are people with a 45% win/loss ratio over 1000 bets. That's a fact.

This means that, unlike bingo or lottery, you can actually learn a skill that makes it so that your numbers will hit more often than others! In other words, it's like playing bingo or lottery, but to where you can actually manifest the winning numbers before you scratch!

That's it. No big sermon, no big speech.

The free tool that I use to calculate my parlays is parlaycalculator.com, but you can find them anywhere.

So! Now that I told you how to pick and predict your own winning numbers, and where you're not paying for bingo hall rentals from your prize pool; what are you waiting for?

Good luck with your transition, sports-bettors; your new upgrade looks GREAT on you, and your wallets and pocketbooks will have to agree. For More Visit us at  betting payout calculator parlay