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Eternal Hope In Christ Ministry Pakistan|Pakistan

And that he died for all , that they whcih live should not henceforth live unto themselves,but unto him which died for them,and rose again.( 2corinthians 5/15)

Greetings in Jesus Christ to all

EHIC ministry is working in small and outreach Area Named Raiwind and round the town.We are very thankful to our God

who is utilizing us for His Grace in Pakistan Especially  and we are very thank to Cross TV that is giving opportunity to all

chirstian in the World.we are enjoying it and inviting other on Cross TV. Cross TV management is in our prayers.May God use and bless it abundently

Eternal Hope In Christ Ministry Pakistan

Hello Brothers & Sisters in Christ, We are again coming after a log time so please keep us in your prayers God bless all of you.

Eternal Hope In Christ Ministry Pakistan

God's Plan is like a Movie, all the good and bad things are arranged together for the good ENDING. Have a nice Day

Eternal Hope In Christ Ministry Pakistan

Power and Money are the fruit of Life BUT family and friends are Roots of Life. Care your loving ones

Eternal Hope In Christ Ministry Pakistan Juan Jose Valverde Cordero के prayer में शामिल हुए

Eternal Hope In Christ Ministry Pakistan ने Good luck के क्रास.दिवार पर लिखा है

Eternal Hope In Christ Ministry Pakistan ने नई गैलरी Baptism Ceremony जोडा है

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