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What does the future hold?

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Planned Phood Admits In Court It Sold Aborted Ba...

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China is seeing Revival, despite anti-Jesus pers...

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Ben Carson reverses Obama's transgender Homeless...

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Boy Scouts Quitting over Homosexual and Transgen...

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Democrat POTUS candidates boycott Israel and AIP...

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1 The Savior - Jesus Birth (English)

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Palestinian Schools Teaching Jew-hatred To Kids

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What A Humbling Looks Like

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Trump defines Gender As Male Or Female Not Trans

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Pro-Abortionist Defeated Because of These Protes...

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Lance Wallnau, Trump says "You're Fired" to Rose...

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Dinesh D'Souza previews Death of a Nation: Dr. A...

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Giving Thanks (11/26 AM Sermon)

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Ousmane Ndiaye Dago By David Jackman

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Keeping Watch

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Admitting When You Are Wrong

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Ousmane Ndiaye Dago By David Jackman

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Lesbians castrate 11-year old boy the adopted

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White House Sarah Huckabee Sanders exclusive wit...

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Mark Whitacre: Life After "The Informant"

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In Christ Jesus

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Let All the Earth Be Silent

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The Future of the Pro-Life Movement - Michael Go...

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Song of Solomon Ch. 3 - Power of Love

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My Help Comes From the Lord (2/12 PM Sermon)

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Planning Properly, Part One

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(6-17) Evolutionists say the oddest things

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Scientists Admit Making Faith-Based Creation Sto...

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Court Rules Medical Marijuana Card Holders Can't...

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Mylai Tenner - Closing The Achievement Gap

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पृष्ठका 4
136 की 1 - 35 Videos