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Armed and Courageous For The LORD, Dr. Chaps Tal...

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Sheriff Richard Vaughan Of Grayson County Talks ...

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Gun-Rights Advocates See Lessons in Texas Church...

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Texas Gunman Who Killed 2 Grew Angry In Past

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America's Under Attack! The Enemy Is Dividing Us...

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Stop the Assassination of God's Character. . . I...

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Governor Candidate Greg Lopez fights back agains...

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Trade, War and the Rise of the Beast

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Gay shooting victim repents and Receives Jesus C...

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Kids Shooting Kids

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Left by Gay Husband, Hated by Mom, Jesus loved R...

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Bishop E.W. Jackson explodes liberal heads after...

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Praying for Emanuel AME Church

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पृष्ठका 1
18 की 1 - 18 Videos