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Zudhi Jasser: Trump Honors Muslim Cleric Who Pro...

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Lesbian Commandant fired by Air Force Academy

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On Islamophobia in Judaism- Prof. Reuven Firesto...

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Criminal Justice Reform is re-uniting Families: ...

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Former Muslim Urges Prayer For Iranian People

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Greg Lopez runs for Colorado Governor: Man of f...

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Former Congressional Candidate serves Community:...

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Former CIA analyst Chance Hill runs for CU Regen...

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Constitution Article 5: Can it stop National De...

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Tea Party Patriots hold GOP accountable: Jenny ...

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Former Muslim Converts to Christianity

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Exclusive! Colonel Allen West and “Bo Snerdly...

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Exclusive! Walid Shoebat on ISIS slaughtering Ch...

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Walid Shoebat: "The Case For Islamophobia" (Par...

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Kamal Saleem: How Islam Is Advancing in the West...

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Former PLO Member Connects Last Days Prophecy to...

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Barack Obama's Muslim Brotherhood Connections

1,254 अवलोकनें

Barack Obama's Muslim Brotherhood Agenda Exposed

1,262 अवलोकनें

The Islamic Caliphate is the Antichrist

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Kamal Saleem Interview, Former Muslim

848 अवलोकनें

Why Kamal Saleem Left Islam

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Fasial Malick Leaves Islam

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Tunisian Man Leaves Islam for Christ

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Walid's Testimony, Former Muslim

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Babak Leaves Islam For Christ

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Mahmoud Leaves Islam

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Black Muslim Minister Leaves Islam - Part 2

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Black Muslim Minister Leaves Islam - Part 1

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Common Denominators

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Former Muslim Rashid Exposes Islam

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Why I Left Jihad - Part 2

1,113 अवलोकनें

Why I Left Jihad - Part 1

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Islam's Link to Antichrist

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Former Muslim Exposes Islam - Part 2

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पृष्ठका 2
37 की 1 - 35 Videos