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(2-04) When did God create? (Creation Magazine L...

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(2-03) Genetic Mutation: Magnificent Modifier or...

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Who wrote Genesis?

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Is Atheism a religion? 7 criteria for detecting ...

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Retroactive death? Did God punish man before Ada...

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How did animals get from Noah’s Ark to Austral...

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Information- Where did it come from?

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Things to think about for theistic evolutionists

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Human evolution or extinction?

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Marvellous Molecular Machines

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Can human extinction be stopped?

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The Simple Story of Evolution

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Antibiotic resistance is not evidence for evolut...

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Mutations: enemies of evolution

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‘Day’ in Genesis 1: easy to understand

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What all atheists have to believe

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पृष्ठका 1
17 की 1 - 17 Videos