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From Gay, to God: Patti Height

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Chaplain Booted After LGBT Sermon

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Kamala Harris Far Left On Abortion, LGBT & Relig...

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LGBTS Vow To Fight Religious Freedom Even More

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LGBTS Sue Trump Demanding 'Free' Sex Changes

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Trump Stops Taxpayer Funded Sex-change Surgeries

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Supremes: LGBT Ruling doesn't apply to Religiou...

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An Entrapped Lesbian's Journey to Freedom | Cari...

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Analysis: Why do half of pastors fear social iss...

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How to stop LGBT laws in your state: Brian Came...

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They've Destroyed The Family Using LGBT as a Fro...

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How LGBTQ Is Promoted by a Political Agenda & Sa...

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New 'Revoice' Heresy wants 'Gay' minorities in C...

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Pastor attacked by LGBT activists but Scott Live...

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LGBT Agenda Marching Forward

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Abominations in High Places

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Hot Topics - LGBT - Romans 3:4 - Let God Be True

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पृष्ठका 1
26 की 1 - 26 Videos