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Sheriff Richard Vaughan Of Grayson County Talks ...

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The Law Of Faith, Pastor's Michael and Kathy Gra...

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Obama's AG Urged Prosecution Of Pro-Life Journal...

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Federal Judge Blocks Mississippi's 'Heartbeat' P...

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How to stop LGBT laws in your state: Brian Came...

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Nobody's born Gay, they're Recruited says Stephe...

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The Biblical Holy Days, Part 3

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12-10-2018 - The Law Of Faith

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Five Anti-Jewish Democrats Elected To Congress

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Democrats Want To End Gender-classified Toys For...

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Supreme Court hears appeal: Judge Refused Gay Ma...

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BILL PASSED! Bibles To Be Outlawed In California...

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How Abortion 'Doctors' Evade the Law: Troy Newm...

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Is Freedom an American/European Idol?

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How could Dr. Scott Lively win Massachusetts Gov...

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Colorado Attacks Christian Baker, Defies Supreme...

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War or Peace for Jerusalem?

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Peace through Strength: Middle East and Iran: ...

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Baker Jack Phillips speech after Supreme Court v...

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97% Of All Abortions Done For "Mental" Reasons

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1 Lucifer the Basis of Satanic Deception

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Overcoming Rejection—Dr. Kazumba Charles

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LGBTs subpoena Christian lawyers for Trump recor...

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Kids Shooting Kids

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The Discipline of the Father (4/15 PM Sermon)

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The Law of God (3/11 PM Sermon)

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Court: Christian Baker Can Opt Out Of Gay "Weddi...

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Supreme Court: Mississippi Got It Right On 'Reli...

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Mat Staver with Matt Barber launching Christian ...

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Flawed but Called (Part 2)

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Flawed but Called (Part 1)

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Judge Strikes Down Texas Ban On Dismembering Bab...

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Filled With the Spirit, Part One (11/19 AM Sermo...

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पृष्ठका 6
184 की 1 - 35 Videos