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Does God Have A Plan For President Trump? Author...

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Pro-Life Champion Janet Porter On The DNC & RNC ...

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"Did you know Abortion has a smell?" Abby Johns...

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Survey Says: Pastors Need To Preach More Agains...

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Voices for the Unheard

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Pelosi: Make Catholic Nuns Pay For Abortions

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Quick Answers to Social Questions | Bryan Osborn...

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Trump Strips Pelosi's Abortion Money From COVID-...

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Call To Action: Janet Porter Is Stopping Abortio...

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Biden Pledges More Abortions With Your Tax Money

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Ohio's Prolife Movement Update | Michael Gonidak...

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State Law Would Ban Abortions As Murder

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Warren Buffet Gave $77 Million For Abortions

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पृष्ठका 25
864 की 1 - 35 Videos