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Trump pulls out of Iran deal, how that helps USA...

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Two Govs tell Trump he can't command Military: ...

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Tom Tancredo is running for Governor of Colorad...

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Rumors of War 3

1,876 अवलोकनें

US Marshalls Outgunned at Border

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Herman Cain & Beck Expose Liberal Deception

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Mike Huckabee's Leadership Grows

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Obama Permits Foreign Harassment Against America...

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Gov. Huckabee Challenges Eric Holder

1,379 अवलोकनें

Muslims Behead Four Ex-Muslim Christians

1,929 अवलोकनें

Terrorists Enter US From Texas-Mexican Border

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Illegal Immigration Crime Statistics

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Obama Refuses to Secure US Border

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Arizona's Law Profile Criminals Only

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Hypocrisy South of the Border

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Sarah Palin on US Border Security

1,094 अवलोकनें

Sarah Palin Joins Immigration Debate

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पृष्ठका 1
17 की 1 - 17 Videos