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LGBTS Vow To Fight Religious Freedom Even More

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LGBTS Sue Trump Demanding 'Free' Sex Changes

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Trump Stops Taxpayer Funded Sex-change Surgeries

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An Entrapped Lesbian's Journey to Freedom | Cari...

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Navy Chaplain Under Fire For Leading Like Jesus

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Kenyan Bus Attacked, Christian Passengers Marty...

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RINO Helps LGBTs Threaten Religious Freedoms

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Poll: Democrats Prefer Hillary Clinton As 2020 ...

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Lesbian General Fired For Lying And Self-Serving

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DOJ Tells Supreme Court: Sex Does Not Mean Trans...

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Analysis: Why do half of pastors fear social iss...

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How to stop LGBT laws in your state: Brian Came...

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LGBTs shoot, kill Christian Students in Colorado

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Facebook Bans Franklin Graham, then Apologizes

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They've Destroyed The Family Using LGBT as a Fro...

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How LGBTQ Is Promoted by a Political Agenda & Sa...

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Gay Candidate Shoved, Bruised Woman says Police ...

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New 'Revoice' Heresy wants 'Gay' minorities in C...

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Church Evicted From Building After Posting Anti-...

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LGBTs subpoena Christian lawyers for Trump recor...

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Roy Moore 5 of 5: TN Senator Mark Green persecu...

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Pastor attacked by LGBT activists but Scott Live...

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Trump's Christian Army Sec. withdraws after LGBT...

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LGBT Agenda Marching Forward

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पृष्ठका 2
39 की 1 - 35 Videos